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Happy Client Stories

I was 45 and already late for my first Mammogram. I was not looking forward to this as I heard from my mom what it would be like, and she did not like it at all. I was pretty nervous because I thought it would be painful. Not at all – it was a little uncomfortable but not painful at all. The Radiographer was very gentle and friendly, which helped me to relax. She explained that the new 3D Mammogram does not require the same amount of pressure used in the old days. Thank You for a pleasant, painless experience.

Natasha M.​

This was my first Mammogram, and I heard so many stories about how painful this would be. I thought it would experience discomfort during or after the Mammogram, but I was impressed — not at all! I was talked through the examination and was relaxed and felt safe because the Radiographer knew what she was doing.

Angela N.

I had my first Mammogram this week at the age of 50y. I could see that the practice was busy, and while dealing with that kind of burden, they still took the time to make me feel like I was the most important patient there that day; it was very special. Thanks to all of you.

Precious M.