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Happy Client Stories

When I went in, I was nervous. The Radiographer could tell. She calmly explained that I need to put my breast onto this machine where a plastic pannel would be gently lowered onto my breast with only gentle compression for about five seconds. I was told that I would be holding my breath during the five seconds. I relaxed because I now knew what to expect. It was over before I could think about what just happened. I was honestly surprised at how painless it was.

Cindy F.

I want to send my thanks and appreciation to everyone I encountered at the Femina Mammogram unit. I don’t remember everyone’s names, but all of you deserve compliments, and I just wanted to let you know that you are unique.

Jeanette L.

My first 3D Mammogram was performed last week at Breast and Bone at Femina Hospital. I must just say that I had the best experience; no complaints whatsoever about anything or anyone!

Emma K.