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Dr. Herman Fourie has been interested in and involved in cancer care since 1994 when he graduated (MBChB) from medical school and completed his Internship in Pretoria. His first oncology post was in 1996 when he worked in the United Kingdom in Maidstone Hospital Oncology Center – Today known as The Kent Oncology Centre. He completed his post graduate training (VTS) in the UK and returned to South Africa where he Specialized in Radiology at the University of Pretoria. He completed his studies in 2006 and took over the ownership of the Radiological Practice at Netcare Femina Hospital in 2007.

Here he continued his career in Cancer care by specializing in Breast Cancer screening and forms part of a multi-disciplinary team caring for not only Breast Cancer Patients, but also general female health conditions. In 2013, Dr Herman was the first Breast cancer screening practice in Pretoria to install the new Hologic 3D Mammography unit. This was a game changer and allowed us to pick up Breast Cancers much smaller and much earlier than before. “Early detection Saves Lives.”

To be recognised as a caring organisation

To provide sustainable services

To be improvement driven across all areas

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